Moth Pillow Sold

Moth Pillow

I finished my Moth Pillow and it is sold.

I really loved painting on the fabric, in this case the back of an old quilt, then stitching around it.   I want to do more of this.  It may be a good thing to work on next.

I like the idea of painting arbitrary shapes then finding images in them.  But I also like what I did here with the moth, knowing what image I want to create.   It’s so different than working with cut out pieces of fabric. There’s a real freedom to it. Although I can see combining whatever I end up making with fabric too.

I think it’s time to do some experimenting….

4 thoughts on “Moth Pillow Sold

  1. I LOVE this, Maria. One of my favorite art exercises is to sit with a pencil and make random marks, swirls, squares ,waves. Sometimes while I am meditating and then to fill in here or there, erase here or there. (One of my drawing instructors told us he was teaching us pencil drawing, but also teaching us the use of an eraser.) From these shapes etc.. come all kinds of figures and faces and designs. It is a wonderful spiritual exercise and peaceful. And the art seems to be coming from the inside. I’m glad someone else does this. I have never seen it discussed in a class.

    1. Ah Linda, now I’m even more inspired to try it. I think it’s true that the art that would emerge from this process comes from inside. Less thinking and more feeling.

  2. Love it. If I had more expendable cash, I would have made a bid. Wondering if pillow cases, throw pillow size, or even standard size if you don’t want to mess with a zipper, might also be feasible. Have a couple forms that need new covers.

    1. I don’t make them standard sizes Donna. And no zippers. My pillows like my quilts are just the size that seems right at the time. Thanks for asking though.

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