Suzy’s Seahorse Shawl…Sold

Suzy’s Seahorse Shawl, 67″x19″ is Sold.  $150 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it here.

The brown wool is from my sheep Asher, the pink from Suzy’s mohair goats and the colorful wool between from a fiber artist who Suzy buys some of her wool from.

Suzy sometimes sends me a video panning her camera along her shawls explaining where the wool came from and any details I might miss. (It’s always so nice to hear her voice.)

This time she explained how she knit two strands of different colored pink wool along the border of Asher’s brown wool.  It the kind of thing I might not notice, in a photo.  But it’s an example of Suzy’s attention to detail.

When Suzy first sent me a photo of this shawl, before it was done, I was reading the book Into The Planet, by Jill Heinerth about her life as a cave diver.  I had just read a part where Heinerth was describing the colorful fish and plants on one of her dives in the ocean.  When I told Suzy about it, she said the shawl was like a Seahorse (and that she wanted to read the book).

That’s what made me think that Seahorse Shawl was the perfect name for it.

Suzy hand spins and hand knits all of her shawls.  Each one is a unique combination of colors and patterns.

Seahorse Shawl is 67″ x 19″ from the middle point it’s Sold $150 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks or paypal.  

Suzy’s Seahorse Shawl
detail of the two pinks knit together.

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  1. I have knitted two different types of yarn together and have taken two different kinds of yarn and plied them on my spinning wheel. It creates a unique piece. I may try it again sometime

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