Blue’s In School and Still Selling Her Paintings

Emotions” By Blue is $30  you can buy it here. 

Jon and I had plans to go to Bishop Maginn High School this week but they were canceled.  Still, I couldn’t help thinking of two summers ago when I first met Sue Silverstein and the kids who came to her art room all summer long to draw and paint.  Sue’s classroom was also a place for them to meet a place for them to go when there was no other.

That’s where I met Blue.  An artist through and through, we immediately connected and talked easily.

Blue grew up in a refugee camp with her family.  In America, she found her identity as an artist at Bishop Maginn High School in Albany.  An unusual school where the kids take care of each other instead of bullying each other.

Now Blue is in college studying to be a nurse as so many refugee kids do so they’re assured a job and can help support their families.

But Blue hasn’t stopped making and selling her art.

She texted me a few days ago saying that she’s trying to raise some money so she can take the bus to school instead of walking.  Something that will become more difficult as the winter comes.

I’m always happy to support Blue and her art.

She’s already sold a few paintings in her Etsy Shop  called BluesArt and has gotten a couple of nice reviews.

Blue told me she likes to make happy paintings of pretty women because it makes her feel good and she likes to put good things out into the world.  But I know Blue has her moods as we all do.  She showed me some of her darker drawings from her sketchbooks that she makes for herself.

That’s why I was drawn to this painting of Blues called “Emotions“.   It also shows what a talented artist she is, capturing in the expressions and body language the different moods in these three girls.

I would think there are many girls and women who could relate to this and some of Blue’s other paintings as well.   I know I can.

Fairy of Stars 22×28 $75



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