Lots of Black And Brown Roving

Zinnia and Issachar

I got an email from Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill today letting me know that Asher and Issachars wool is too short to make into yarn.

So I’m going to have it all made into roving.  Deb said that hand spinners can use it more easily to make wool than her machines can.  That means no black wool from Issachar in the spring and lots of roving to sell.

But I have heard that it’s lovely to work with.  And I can always give some to Suzy to spin and use in her shawls and scarves.

From now on I’ll probably only shear the twin once a year instead of two times.

Also, Liz tried to get in touch with me to deliver the ewes, but we didn’t connect in time for her to bring them to the farm.  Maybe next week.

One thought on “Lots of Black And Brown Roving

  1. I love this photo of Zinnia and the sheep..made me happy,especially after the election..
    Thanks for posting…❤️aloha

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