Meet My New Sheep


Liz brought me three new sheep yesterday. They’re all Romenys, which is wonderful wool for spinning, knitting, and crocheting.

There’s Lori, who is three years old.  She was born at the same time as Asher and Issachar, who Liz gave me two years ago.

Liz named Lori after her friend whose birthday she was born on.  So I kept her name, but I changed the names of the two lambs.

Both lambs are five months old.  The white lamb is Lori’s first and only lamb.  The black lamb was a twin who Liz sold.  Even though they’re not really sisters, I decided to name the lambs Merricat and Constance after the sisters in Shirley Jackson’s novel, We Have Always Lived In The Castle. 

The white lamb is Merricat and the black lamb is Constance.

Constance, Merricat, and Lori


Lori, Constance, and Merricat have been sticking together since they got to the farm yesterday.

This morning they were in the pole barn with the rest of the sheep, everyone contentedly chewing their cud. But I’ve noticed when they graze they tend to stick together and separate from the other sheep.

It’s always different when new animals come to the farm.

Sometimes it only takes a matter of hours for the newcomers to feel at home. Other times it takes a few days or longer.  But when it comes to sheep, it’s been my experience that they eventually become one flock.

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