What The Fuck White Women!?!

When I read that 55% of white women voted for Trump  I was incredulous and angry. I knew there were white women who would vote for Trump, but I never imagined it would be the majority of us.

Then I learned that over 90% of black women voted for Biden and Kamala Harris, which means that black women won the election for Biden.  He would have been defeated without them.

When I read this, I wanted to be part of the 90%. I’m not black so I can’t be. But I so admire the black women who came out to stand up for themselves and each other.

I was disappointed that we white women couldn’t do the same.  That’s when I grabbed the first piece of paper I saw and started drawing. All I could think was What the Fuck white women?!?!

Then, because I didn’t know how else to show my gratitude to all the black women who came out to vote, I gave a donation to Black Lives Matter.

I don’t what else to do about it.  But I’m not done with it yet.




17 thoughts on “What The Fuck White Women!?!

  1. There are going to be all kinds of revelations, pleasant and unpleasant, when we get a breakdown of where and from whom the votes came. But it’s already been suggested that location is the determining factor. See Derek Thompson’s article in The Atlantic: “The Most Important Divide in American Politics Isn’t Race” … but place.

    In happier election news, I can report that my tiny village has elected a new Pet Mayor (an annual election to raise money for animal welfare): Chip! A 5 month old miniature donkey who has high “ass-pirations” for the Village. And none of the other 11 candidates has challenged a single vote.

  2. Wow, that does seem like a high number. And this is for a guy who brags about grabbing women’s crotches. I’d like to think we’re past the “Boys will be boys” excuse by now. It’s so hard to understand why he inspires this loyalty in women!

  3. As another enraged white woman, I had hoped our fury from the disrespect that emerged in 2016 would just blow his election away. I don’t know how any white woman, well, Any woman, could acknowledge him.

    1. It would be interesting to know Barbara. I’ve heard women say they see him as strong. And of course, many like his policies. But I don’t see the strength, I see weakness. And such hate and disregard for so many people, not just women. I just didn’t expect so many white women to vote for him

  4. I hadn’t seen that statistic for white women voting for Trump. I am appalled and cannot understand it either. I would really, really like to hear from some of them, why his misogyny is acceptable to them, how they can see past it. I bow down to the 90% of Black women who helped to save us from another four years of Trump and his men.

  5. I felt so angry when I read 55% too. I have been reading an anti-racist book & the author talked a lot about white women voting against their interests ore even their own conscience because of the protection of white male privilege they benefit from. I just don’t get it. And if I hear one more pundit trash 10% of black men or higher % of hispanic men who voted for Trump & not talk about the 55% of white women I am going to scream. Stop blaming the oppressed & let’s take a look at white women being Ok with oppression of others as long as they benefit from their husbands privilege.

    nudge, nudge…… that would make a great magnet!!!

    1. I was thinking the same about women benefiting from their husbands Kim. And also an idea of strength that has a do with a man being domineering.

  6. What an eye opening statistic! I watched 60 minutes the Saturday before elections and their correspondent went all over speaking with white women and asked who they were supporting. What was interesting was the wealthy affluent women supported Trump because as one put it ” my 401 k and my retirement portfolios have never been better” . By contrast young moms and regular working women were behind Biden because they couldn’t handle all of the lying anymore. Our election was a battle between getting our moral compass back or continuing down the road of greed and division. I guess the greed road looks good when there are lots of dollar signs in your bank account. I’m so happy so many of us wanted our country to have a moral compass again!

    1. I’ve found that the less money I have in my bank account the more generous I am with it. Somehow having a lot of anything just makes me want to hold onto it more. It really does have so much to do with morality looking at it from this perspective. Thanks for your thoughs Josie.

  7. It was clear to my before the election that some white women I know were going to vote for Trump, including relatives in Pennsylvania and Maryland. A cousin of mine, who is a single mom, was deeply unsettled by the violent demonstrations and anti-police and anti-military sentiments. She is just one person with one set of reasons. I tried to begin a conversation with her via messenger, but as soon as I asked for facts/references that could help me understand her prejudice against the Democratic ticket she refused to continue the exchange. That didn’t make it easier last Tuesday. It was impossible to comprehend the number of votes cast for a man who is clearly mentally unfit to lead. It was devastating, on election day when, when the numbers were clearly in his favor, but 2016 had steeled me to accept the outcome. Biden’s win lets me breathe. Hard truths are still at hand however. This year has been a call to grow up for me.

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