Between Worlds

Between Worlds

Two weeks ago I was sure winter was here.  A few cold days in a row, then one that was so cold the first thing I did was take my wooden storm windows out of the barn and put them on my studio.

Even though I cover them up with a drop cloth, they always dirty in the fall.  But it was too cold to wash windows that day.  I was just thinking of being warm.

Then the warm spell.  It’s been going on for days and I know won’t last much longer.

Washing my studio windows was the perfect excuse to spend some time outside.

So I removed the storms, washed them, and my studio windows outside and in.  I dusted away the cobwebs and moved a couple of spiders outside.  Then, while I was in the cleaning mood, I got out the vacuum and poked the hose under all the furniture, sucking up the summer and fall dust bunnies.

After a lunch of Borscht on the back porch in the sun, I sewed hangers for my latest batch of potholders and backed and stuffed the pillow I started last week.

Linda saw the flat front of the pillow hanging on my studio wall in my video from Friday and bought it before I even got to finish it.

It’s a combination of a piece of one of my collages, fabric from my friend and batik artist Carol Law Conklin,some squares of fabric that Fran sent me from Canada and a few old quilt squares (probably dating back to the 1930s or 40s) from Crik’s box of fabric.

Looking at the pillow top hanging on my wall before I finished it, the words Between Worlds came to me.

I  think it has something to do with the layering of the fabric.  But also how the separate pieces of fabric all came together from such disparate places and times and fit together so perfectly.

The pillow has a feeling of not being exactly one thing or another.  More about moving and shifting than one single thing.


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