Chicks, Starting A New Quilt

It’s been a while since I worked on a quilt, but today I got the urge.  I didn’t have any ideas about how to start, so I did what I often do.  I walked around my studio, looking at fabric, waiting for something to catch my attention.

Sometimes that piece of fabric is something I’ve had for years but today it was another piece of fabric from Crik’s box goodies that intrigued me.

I think it was the lambs that made me think of the fabric with the chicks on it. Small, soft, young, and full of promise, I was drawn to the gentle quality and simplicity of the image of the gray chicks on textured white fabric.

In Crik’s box was also the fabric with the gray and white checks with the red crescents on it.  The colors were just right and I liked the mix of straight lines broken by the flowing organic ones.

As I was bringing the colors together, I remembered the hand-embroidered pouch that came in the box of linens that Mary sent me.  The woman embroidered on the old pouch in grays is reminiscent of a Vermeer painting.   Engaged in some kind of work she has a peaceful, focused feeling to me.

The embroidery is old and delicate, the fabric marked with water stains.  I considered not using it, but after I washed it and it still held together, I couldn’t resist.   For me, the discolored fabric adds to the overall feeling and history of the piece.

And although the styles are very different, the chicks having an Asian feeling to them, they seemed to not only work well together but to be connected in some kind of story.

I knew at this point that I didn’t have enough of the gray, white, and red fabric so went looking for another piece that would work.  That’s when I found the dress that Joyce sent me.

Once again, the colors and pattern were perfect.

Then I added some red…

This is as far as I got today.  I didn’t get to sew the bottom strip of fabric on.   I had to stop to feed the animals and soon I’m off to my Bellydancing class.   But I’m looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

The chicks


6 thoughts on “Chicks, Starting A New Quilt

  1. I so appreciate your describing your creative process: putting together the organic shapes and lines and the colors step by step as the piece comes alive. And so much to feel with the Vermeer woman. The fabric of her life so to speak.

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