6 thoughts on “Finding The Flock

    1. It sure does look like Fate had a hand in this Fran, but I really think she was just following them. We can applaud her anyway though, just for being Fate.

  1. These three sheep are young and new to the flock they have never experienced Red vs Fate ( most of the sheep of the smaller flock compare , I’m sure , respected Red and not one to be reckoned with>and know Fate is no Red > these three new darling sheep may just think Fate is the herding dog of this flock and respect her for that Alone alone Fate May have just found something new sheep that do what Fate wants “Fate get the Sheep”

  2. I thought the same thing…. Wow, Fate is herding them to join the rest…. Either way…… Good job Fate……… Rebecca

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