Family Reunion

Lori, Constance, Merricat and Asher

They make a nice little family even if they aren’t really related.

Both Asher and Issachar have paid more attention to Lori and the lambs than any of the other sheep.   That’s because Lori, Asher, and Issachar were all born three years ago on Liz’s farm. So in a way, Lori coming to Bedlam Farm is a kind of reunion for them.

When the new sheep first came Issachar was hanging around them, giving them all a good smell.  Then he stayed with them in the pole barn when the other sheep went out to graze.

Now, sometimes when they’re eating Asher or Issachar will join Lori, Merricat, and Constance for a little while.

They don’t seem to mind the company.

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. This is too sweet for words.
    Those of the animal world never cease to surprise me. I always wondered if littermates that are separated recognize each other when they meet long after their separation. This gives me hope.

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