Graining Merricat

Merricat eating grain in her pile of hay.

“You love having lambs,” Jon said to me as we pulled out of the driveway and I scanned the pasture for Merricat and Constance.  Jon is always there to remind me of my nurturing nature.  I have come to accept this idea with the qualifier that my nurturing instincts are limited to baby animals and don’t extend to human babies.

It’s true I’ve been very attentive to the new lambs.

This morning all the sheep were in the barnyard, including Constance, but Merricat was not with them.  I never like to see a sheep by herself, it just isn’t natural for herd animals like sheep,  especially a lamb who is already having some issues getting enough food.

But as I brought the hay into the barnyard, Merricat emerged from the barn looking as hungry as the rest of the sheep.   As she always does at first, she tried to make her way to the feeder but as soon as the bigger sheep pushed her away she just stood there looking lost.

I pulled a bunch of hay from the feeder and put it on the ground.  She immediately started eating but I do worry about her.  So I quietly went into the barn and got a handful of grain which I dropped in the pile of hay Merricat was eating from.

She immediately started to gobble it up.

I had to be quiet about it, because if the other sheep hear me lift the metal top of the pail the grain is in they’ll come running.  But I was able to trick them and it was only when Merricat had eaten most of the grain that Constance and Lori came to eat with her.

I’m going to try to get Merricat to follow me into the barn and feed her grain away from the other sheep as I was able to get Zelda and Griselle to do.

I think she may need the extra energy that grain provides especially with the coming winter.

4 thoughts on “Graining Merricat

  1. Oh, I miss my herd of three goats. Feeding time is sacred. It’s so peaceful and the light seems to be even more beautiful during feeding time than any other. I am so happy for you and the new lambs.

  2. You are a great sheep mom – I love working with babies and kids, but an animal has me engaged in a way kids don’t. I tend to prefer fur to skin.

    I thought she looked a bit thin so I’m thrilled at your choice, she’ll be plump and gorgeous in no time.

    1. Liz told me she was feeding her grain, that she wasn’t getting enough to eat with all the other sheep around. She seems to get the grain thing now.

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