Backing and Tacking my “Chicks” Quilt

Every once in a while, Jack from “Jacks Outback Antiques” in town, comes by with some fabric for me.  Some of it is so old, it falls apart in the washing machine.  But other pieces I can and have used.  That’s where I got the blue fabric for the back of my Chicks quilt.   The colors and pattern along with the fabric next to it worked perfectly.

This is the wrong side of the front of the quilt.  I lay the front and back of the quilt face to face then trim the edges of the backing to match the front.

Then I lay out the cotton batting on top of them.  I have a big roll of batting that I use for my quilts and potholders.  Then I trim the batting and pin the three pieces together and sew them leaving an opening at the bottom.

After it’s all sewn together, I turn the quilt inside in, iron the edges, sew the opening closed and hang it from the beam in my studio.

That’s where I tack it pulling yarn through the three and tying a knot.  When I’m all done I’ll stitch the name of the quilt, my initials, and the year on it.

My “Chicks” Quilt is sold.

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