Name Our New Sheep

Our new sheep

There he is, our newest sheep.  A 5-month-old boy, with long legs and a speckled nose.  And he needs a name.  So Jon and I thought it would be fun to ask all of you for suggestions.

If you have an idea, leave me a comment or email me at [email protected].

I’ll give a couple of my magnets of your choice to the winner.

75 thoughts on “Name Our New Sheep

  1. Gus comes to mind as in good united states which I hope will be the case over the next four years.
    We here in Canada are rooting for you guys! From an old hippie peace love and groovy…

  2. Domhnall
    Named after young man who worked on Jon’s movie A DOG YEAR, Domhnall Gleason, pronounced Donal, with a long “o”.

  3. Bradford. It’s the name that came to mind and invokes a man in a fine wool suit. Will think more about it while I work on a ramp for my aging dog today.

  4. How about “Sal”, short for salubrious. The word means health-giving and I can’t think of anything that fits the description more than our animals who bring light to the dreariest days.

    Congratulations on your new sheep and whatever the name, I’m sure you’re both overjoyed to see the flock grow and to feel the new energy on the farm!

  5. First name that popped into my head is “Bobbin,” to honor his evolving into a lovely sheep while at the same time, honoring your wonderful fabric art. The flock is just amazing—Fate is doing such a good job, too!

  6. Hi Maria. I think Jon might have named him already–he said he was “feisty.” So that might be a good name…or Fysty or Fystie, just for fun. :^)

  7. I did suggest Mario, in honor of Maria.
    But the suggestions have been great.
    Can’t be Corona, nothing should be Corona ever again.
    But I love Fauci!
    One of our very few heroes.
    Or Anthony/Tony.

    Names just resolve themselves in the end.
    Good Luck.

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