Suzy’s Shawl “Autumn Wave” Sold

Suzy’s Shawl Autumn Wave is 57″x17″wide.  It’s Sold $150 + $8 shipping you can buy it here.

Once again I can’t help seeing nature in Suzy’s shawl. Looking at her latest shawl I was transported to an empty beach on a warm autumn day, the waves as soft as the gray sky, edged in frothy white foam.

The soft gray, white locks and black stipe are all natural colors.  Some of the wool comes from Suzy’s mohair goats, Lucy, Alice, April, Ruth and Larry.  Some from one of Suzy’s favorite fiber artists.

Suzy washes her shawls in a natural solution to make them even softer then the natural mohair already is. And of course, each shawl is hand spun and hand knit.

Autumn Wave is Sold 57″x17″ wide and is $150 + $8 shipping.   You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here, or email me at [email protected].

Autumn Wave
Detail of the white locks.

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