My Videos Gone Viral

It was one of the Bellydancing videos from the Bedlam Farm Open House that got things moving with my YouTube channel.  It now has 1.3million views.  Far more than I’d ever gotten before.  The video was from a few years ago but people just found it a few months ago.

My subscriptions picked up to over 6 thousand (it was around 300 for years and years) and a few of my other videos went viral.  The latest is one of Liz shearing Liam which has over 5 million views.  Many of the people seeing the video leave comments in languages other than English, and many of them are disturbed by the shearing thinking that Liam is being harmed in some way.

Since the video went viral, I’ve written a description of the video and what Liz is doing,  but it doesn’t seem to matter for a lot of people.  They either don’t understand the language,  or they still think shearing a sheep is somehow not good for them.

I don’t really bother with the comments much, although they’re kinda fun to see.  And I’m stunned at how many people have watched Liz shear Liam and some of the other sheep.  (A video that my Bellydancing teacher Julz,  took of me shimming and showing off my the coinsash that I made, also has over 100,000 views.)

I have no idea why these videos went viral, but I am enjoying seeing videos I took years ago suddenly get so much viewing.

Last week I uploaded the video above to my YouTube channel and forgot to put it on my blog.  But I saw that it got 875 views.  It hasn’t gone viral, but again I have no idea why this video is more popular than most of my videos which average around 300 views.

Whatever the reason, I thought if that many people wanted to watch it, I’d best put it up on my blog for all of you to see it too.

4 thoughts on “My Videos Gone Viral

  1. Your videos are amazing Maria. I still keep thinking of the one you did the other day with the animals going to pasture heading towards the light. It was so beyond beautiful. Looked like heaven on earth. And of course it is:)

  2. No surprise to me. I could watch animals eat hay all day long! My father-in-law was a cattle rancher and on holiday mornings he would stop by to pick up us to help feed. Being in a barn full of cows chewing hay was one of the most soothing sounds ever.

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