What I Saw At The Pond


Kathleen sent me a card with a dragonfly on it and wrote that dragonflies “spend years in the water then come out and transform into the adults we see”.  I had no idea that this happened and thought of the small insect-like creatures that I often see swimming in our pond.

The idea of seeing a dragonfly in this nascent form got me to spend a while crouched on the edge of our pond which has only within the past few days filled up with water again from last week’s rain.

I didn’t see any watery dragonflies, not that I’m aware of anyway.  But I did see lots of snails, a newt, a fish, 2 spiders walking on the water and four different kinds of small creatures swimming under the ice.  I just have no idea what they were.

I also got to watch the reflection of the wind rippling the water and the sunlight creating colors and shapes as it filtered through the ice.

Here’s some of what I saw…

The sunlight through the ice turned the grass and rocks under the water into an abstract design.
A snail shell floating on top of the water

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