Umbrella Quilt, Surrender and Faith

Before we left for Jon’s eye appointment and after I did my shipping I had just enough time to sew the next strips of fabric onto my Umbrella Quilt.

It’s the most fun when I don’t have enough of one kind of fabric and have to go through my stash and pull together a bunch of pieces that work together and also create an unexpected element to the quilt.

Having to patch things together in this way is what keeps the mystery in it for me. I surrender control and have faith in the process and my ability to make it work.

I think the quilt needs one more thin strip of solid color around the outer edge.  Maybe a little more weight on the bottom.

I doubt I’ll get to it tonight.  We spent almost five hours at the eye doctor’s and after dinner, I’m having my zoom Studio Visit with Emily.

But I’m confident that I’ll finish designing the quilt tomorrow.

One thought on “Umbrella Quilt, Surrender and Faith

  1. Hi Maria,
    You may have already read this but in case you didn’t, here’s a link to an article on Gee Bend’s quilts.

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