Waiting In The Rain

I’m sitting in the a parking lot in  just outside Albany.  I’m waiting for Jon who has an eye appointment, blogging on my iPhone

It’s raining hard enough to make to windshield look like it’s melting.  Usually I’d be in the office with Jon  watching him get pictures taken of his eye or having laser surgery.

But I’m  not alone out here. There are plenty of other people waiting in their cars for whoever they drove here too.

This morning I mailed out a bunch of Potholders that sold over the weekend.  Thats some of them in the picture above in their compostable envelope with one of my “Third Eye Potholder” stickers on it.

Jon just texted me a heart then wrote he’s on his way in to see the doctor.  He’ll take a picture of her or a picture of the picture of his eye to post on his blog later.

The sound of the rain is making me dreamy.  I thought I could get some work done while waiting for Jon but I just want to zip up my sweater, pull my hood on and take a nap.

Maybe I will.


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