Making More Potholders, Something New

Working on a new potholder

I only have a few Grandma’s Scraps Potholders still in my Etsy Shop after posting over thirty of them for sale on Friday (thank you to everyone who bought them).  So I thought I’d make a few more today.

I used up all my “Grandma’s Scraps” and designed six more Grandma’s Scraps Plus Potholders then I started something new.

In Crik’s box of fabric, there was a smaller box with cut squares of fabric leftover from a quilt she made. So used them and a piece of fabric with bird, deer, mouse, and rabbit that Fran sent me to design a few more potholders.

I made one of each animal and have plenty of fabric left, so I think I’ll make more.  They were fun to do and I like the way they came out.  They have the feeling of peering into the woods and seeing something unexpected but delightful.

The bird, deer, mouse and rabbit potholders.
The last of the “Grandma’s Scraps Plus” Potholders

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