Scotty, Escape Artist

Scotty did it again.  I’ve been so careful about blocking the gate when I open it to bring hay in and keeping an eye on our new lamb Scott, but this morning, more like a cat than a sheep, he once again snuck out of the gate.

I wasn’t really concerned though, I know he wants hay more than anything, so he doesn’t wander.

I just dropped the hay on the ground inside the fence and he would have run right back into the barnyard but he got a little confused and tried to eat the hay through the gate.  Once again I lured him back with a handful of hay.

This is the kind of thing that Red would never have let happen.  He’d be the first one into the barnyard, and keep the sheep away from the gate and me.  Fate, of course, just runs under and around the sheep who pay her no attention.

This afternoon I’ll toss some hay over the fence away from the gate.  That should get the sheep away from the gate long enough for me to open and close it without Scotty noticing.

That’s my plan anyway.

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