5 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 12/7/20

  1. It always makes me smile to see Ed Gully’s Tin Woodsman standing there. Gus certainly does a quick pee before running back inside and Fate circles everybody, while Zinnia trots along beside Jon.

  2. There is something so beautiful about the way you start your day. For some reason it almost brought me to tears.
    The love that you and Jon express with your animals is something so special.
    I was trying to count how many sheep there are now but everyone keeps moving so it is hard to do.
    It seems that Merricat has bonded with you. She is so little, compared to the rest of the sheep, and cute. She reminds me of a little puppy.
    For years I have looked at the donkeys and always felt that they smile. They have the most adorable faces; I’m sure that not many people would use that adjective for donkeys, but that is how they look.
    Everything about the Peaceable Kingdom seems so joyful. Even the rough times sparkle.
    Thank you for all that you share.

    1. It is a special way to start the day Jane. I feel it too. Merricat knows our routine now. She and Constance, Lori and Scotty are really all very friendly. They let me pet their back while they eat. Even most of the sheep I’ve had for years won’t let me do that. And I have definitely seen the donkeys smile!

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