Minnie’s Nest

It’s been snowing all day so Minnie spent most of her time in the barn.  A few days ago I piled a couple of hay bales up creating two small cave-like spaces for her to stay warm in.

But Minnie made her own nest to sleep in.

I’m not surprised.  When Jon first got Minnie at Old Bedlam Farm she used to sleep in the chickens roosting boxes.  She was always hanging out with the hens and when Jon’s rooster Winston was dying she sat next to him for a couple of days before he died.

One day I found Minnie sitting in a nest in the barn that the hens had made.  There was even an egg in it.

Soon both Minnie and Flo will be coming inside and sleeping in the basement.  That’s their winter home, where they cuddle up together and catch mice, hopefully before they make it upstairs.

4 thoughts on “Minnie’s Nest

  1. Hi Maria, just caught up on December posts, always interesting. Saw the one you did on Nov 30 and realized that I haven’t seen your chickens in awhile… ??
    I was sorry to see that Rosemary in no longer a member of your flock. She had such a kind face and a sweetness about her.
    I love your blog and seeing the things you create.

  2. I love Minnie and her heart for chickens. I wonder if they protected her when she was little and unprotected…. Cats nurse others during their dying, which is pretty amazing for basically solitary animals. That she did that for Winston is really touching.

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