6 thoughts on “Thirty Second Snow Meditation

  1. Scott… getting skinnier and skinnier. Does he have a parasite maybe? Please keep us posted. It looks as though seriously losing weigh from the time you adopted him. I know you got this but noticing it more and more with your daily posts of him. Sending positive energy that he starts gaining weight soon.

    1. It’s not true that Scotty is getting skinner Holly. He was always that skinny. You can see it in the photos of him when he first came to the farm. But he hasn’t gained weight so I have started feeding him grain. And I’m worming the lambs also.

  2. Maria, I am so sorry I was mistaken… the video angle today looked like he was getting skinner. You know better than anyone so please don’t read too deep in this other than I wish your new lamb Scott to be fat, chubby and growing a super gorgeous coat for yarn one day. You are an incredible artist especially your photography. Your collection would make an incredible large book. Think about it Take care and all the best

  3. Scott’s hip bones are showing. So I understand Holly’s words. I also think Maria is a loving soul who is mothering with the undertaking someone prior to her ignored. He needs a lot of nourishment soon and I think Maria loves her animals.

    1. It’s good to remember that Scotty is a differnt breed from my other sheep and so he looks very different too. I’ve never had a sheep like him before. He’s as old as the other lambs but as tall as the adult sheep. He was not neglected when I got him, he’s just growing quickly and needs a little extra nourishment.

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