Baby Snails In Our Fish Tank

We have three different kinds of snails that have been born and live in our fish tank.  They are Rabbit Snails, Ramshorn Snails and Trapdoor Snails.

Rabbit snails are born live.

They are tiny replicas of adult Rabbit Snails and quickly get to work eating. The  baby Rabbit Snail in the video above was recently born in our fish tank.  It’s about a quarter-inch long.   This snail was so small I had to use my macro lens to take the video.  You can see the snail’s mouth scraping algae off the side of the tank.

This baby Rams Horn Snail is even smaller than the baby Rabbit Snail.

We also have a lot of baby Ram’s Horn Snails.

They came in on some of our plants and reproduce quickly laying eggs in clusters.  They don’t need a mate to fertilize the eggs.  We have so many baby Ram’s Horn Snails that I’ve been taking them out of the tank and putting them in their own tank.


A baby Trapdoor snail

Trapdoor Snails reproduce like Rabbit Snails.  They give birth, when conditions are good, to live snails.   We have lots a few baby Trapdoor snails in our tank now too.

While the Rams Horn Snails spiral can be seen equally on both sides of the shell, the Trapdoor Snail has it’s sprial  off to the side, like a mystery Snail but at a different angle.

RamsHorn snails have a translucent shell while a Trapdoor Snail has a spotted body and thick opaque shell. The Rabbit Snail can have the most colorful shell, with gradations of brown, white and pink, and tan.

We also have Nerite and Mystery Snails in our fish/snail tank.

I see Nerite eggs, which are small white dots,  all over the tank.  But their eggs only hatch in saltwater so we never have baby Nerite Snails.   And Mystery Snails lay their eggs out of water, sometimes just above the waterline on a fish tank, but  I’ve never seen a clutch of Mystery Snail eggs and we’ve never had any Mystery Snail babies.

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