Cloud Is A Whisper

I had to redo my tree a couple of times before I got it in just the right place on the background.  I did sew it down, but by the time I got done  it was too dark to take a good picture of it.

I’m thinking of using a little bit of the pink, red and yellow yarn in the photo above to outline the tree or a part of it.  I still have to sew the buttons down.  And I’m trying to picture where the words will go.  I may add another piece of fabric under the tree to write them on, but I’m still not sure about that.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Is A Whisper

  1. this is just gorgeous, Maria……as I knew it would be……from the beginning of your concept of it and your acquisition of all the buttons. Love the mustard backing……….accents the tree so perfectly- it is just beautiful and I look forward to seeing it to your completion!
    Susan M

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