Scotty Learns To Get His Grain

Scotty and Merricat

Scotty didn’t pick up on coming to the barn for grain as quickly as Merricat did.  It took him a couple of days of me coaxing with a handful of grain.  But now I think he’s got it.

This afternoon I called his name and he lifted his head from the hay feeder and followed me.  I’m not convinced he knows his name, but I’m going to say it to him when he’s eating, as I do with Merricat to see if that helps him learn.

He’s a tall and bony lamb, but his belly is already bigger and I have no doubt that the rest of him will fill in soon too.  I remember when we first got Asher and Issachar, they were long legged and Ashers belly stuck out on both sides.

It still does sometimes.

Scotty is a mix of Merino, Romney, Blueface Leicester, and a breed of sheep that is raised for meat (I always forget its name, I’ve never heard of it before) so he looks different from all my other sheep.

And he’s a little goofy and a troublemaker, trying to slip out of the gate and now his head is speckled with beggarticks (sticky seeds) from grazing in the back pasture. He reminds me a little of Liam when he was a lamb.

But like Liam,  he’s a sweetie and seems to be afraid of nothing.

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