Donkey Aromatherapy

Lulu and Fanny have grown their winter coats.  This morning I pressed my face into Fanny’s neck and gave her a nuzzle.  She smelled like earth, cold air, and warm sunshine.  That smell is the best aromatherapy I know.

It always settles my heart and puts a smile on my face.

8 thoughts on “Donkey Aromatherapy

  1. Just got home from a visit with my mom and the best gift ever and I open your blog to see your donkeys!
    My gift from my mom is a donkey named Elli that she sponsored in my name and gives me two 30 minute personal visits with Elli. I’m so excited! This is through a local charity and a ranch run by nuns called Cristo Rey Ranch.
    It’s the closest I’ll ever have to a donkey of my own! Can’t wait to meet her when it gets warmer.

  2. I love those two donkeys. My grandmother’s name was Fanny so maybe that plays a part in it.
    When I look at them I see them smiling. You are so lucky to have them and to have the special relationship that you have with them.
    Through you and Jon I have learned a lot about donkeys. Thank you.

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