Walking With Fate and Zinnia

Zinnia got her stitches out on Monday from her spaying and for the first time in two weeks she was able to come on a walk with Fate and me.   Sunday is the last day of hunting season, then we’ll be back in the woods.

The dogs are so good on the road.  There aren’t a lot of cars, but if one comes by they sit on the side of the road and wait for me to say “okay” which means they can run again.

I appreciate how well trained they are.  I can hardly imagine walking a dog on a leash anymore(and certainly not Fate) although for most of my life I couldn’t imagine walking them off-leash.

Fate and Zinnia are always pretty serious on the beginning of the walk.  Checking things out, doing a lot of sniffing and marking territory. But on the way back they are more playful.

Fate used to play a chasing game with Red, and she tries to do it with Zinnia.   But Zinnia doesn’t know how to play and I have no idea how to teach her.  I think it was a Border collie game, something instinctual.  Fate and Red just knew what to do.

Maybe someday Zinnia and Fate will make up their own game.  For now, they seem to enjoy walking and running together.  And I enjoy their company.

4 thoughts on “Walking With Fate and Zinnia

  1. Glad to see more of your pictures lately. You seem to capture the “thoughts” of the animals with your point of view with the camera. This was such a sweet picture of two friends NOT socially distancing, to remind us that our day to be close to each other, will come again! Just two friends on a journey. Looking forward to the snow pictures, although I know such storms are serious affairs. Stay safe and warm.

    1. Oh thank you Barbara, I actually never thought of my pictures doing that. I’m going to be more conscious of that. I do like you analogy of them not social distancing!

  2. In time they will find their special game. I agree about Border Collies – mine have very special games they play on the forest trails and if we are with other stock dogs they definitely have a shared idea of what fun is.

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