Curious Sheep

The twins, then Liam and Socks ventured out of the pole barn after I dug a path to the gate.  They seemed curious about how their world had changed overnight.   The animals will be stuck in the barn for a while with the snow so deep.

But I have plans to dig paths to the feeders so they can wander a bit.   I may not get it all done today, but I’ll get a good start.  I have a list of paths to make including one to my studio and digging out some space in the backyard so the dogs have a place to go to the bathroom.

Zinnia doesn’t mind dumping in the snow, but it’s harder for Fate and impossible for Bud.

I also asked Jon to be conscious of not doing too much.  It’s not just the shoveling, he’s more sensitive to the cold.  He can’t stay out in it too long.

Now I’m off to dig out the chickens.

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