6 thoughts on “Snow Paths

  1. That looks like fun. I hope you won’t hurt yourself. I remember those days but don’t worry about them any more.
    We had a dusting two weeks ago that was enough. I do like snow but don’t like to shovel any more. Glad your getting some help.
    Keep well.

  2. What a lot of hard work this series of videos and photos represents! So glad the weather was clearer for you to work outside, and you took some time to stop and appreciate the winter wonderland style views. Hopefully you managed some nice yoga stretches after all that digging, and a soak in the bath for those sore muscles afterwards, then a hot chocolate and warm up by the fire!

    So reassuring to know all that work you put into stacking firewood in the summer, means you can stay warm, even if the power goes out. (I always worry about uncovering the outside vents for the heating when the snow is deep like that, but luckily they were put in quite high up on the outer wall, so don’t get buried too often).

    My chickens are choosing to stay in the Coop, and we only got about 3 inches of snow!

    1. I took a nice bath at the end of the day Hannah and was in bed at 9! It’s so true about having woodstoves, I don’t worry as much about the power going out. My hens won’t come out if they can’t see the ground either. Even if only a little bit of snow.

  3. That was some serious digging!

    Thanks for the tour. It’s so beautiful.

    In my part of Maryland, just around the fall line by the I-95 corridor, we only got about two inches, so I only had to scrape, not shovel. It’s been a while since we had that much snow here. But I know how long it must have taken to dig your paths and clearings!

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