Swimming In The Snow

I haven’t seen snow this deep in years, and it’s still coming down.  I could only open the back door leading to my studio a few inches.  When I went out the door by the back porch, snow spilled over the tops of my boots.

Bud would have been buried, and even Fate waited on the porch, but Zinnia was right in it.  The snow was so deep she was practically swimming in it.


4 thoughts on “Swimming In The Snow

  1. Is it her first snow? She seems so happy in this new terrain…Thanks for all the photo and stories. It looks beautiful from inside my home near Chicago, with no snow

    1. No snow in Chicago, well good for you. :). Zinnia was a puppy last winter. We brought her home in the snow, not as much as this, but even as a puppy she loved it. Seems she never got cold.

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