Cloud Is A Whisper

Cloud Is A Whisper

I didn’t imagine that when Jon and I were arranging the buttons that Kathleen sent me that they would become the leaves on a tree.   And even when Jon formed a tree from the buttons, and I was inspired,  I didn’t think that my finished piece would be as much about clouds as trees.

I came up with the words for this piece as I was coming out of sleep, in that space where so much creativity is born.  Poet Veronica Hallissey just wrote a poem on her blog called “The Learning Place“.  It’s about how when we sleep, we go to a healing place.  “..the who you are, is still the best of all learning places…”  she writes.

Sometimes, when I’m uncertain or upset about something, as I’m going to sleep, I’ll ask for a dream to help me.   Many times I wake remembering a dream that tells me something I need to hear.  Other times I’ll just wake up feeling better about my decisions.

In my fabric painting, Cloud is a Whisper, I see the tree as a symbol of being physically and emotionally grounded, the cloud as the subconscious, and the necessity of trusting both so we can heal and learn about ourselves.

I have several people who are interested in Cloud is a Whisper, so I believe it will be sold to one of them.

Detail of the inspirational buttons.

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