Potholders and Wool Find Their Home


Potholders and Wool that Lousie

Louise sent me the photo above of the potholder and wool and notecards she bought from me. She’s sending the wool them to a couple of her friends, one who is a weaver struggling with the isolation that Covid has brought to so many people.

And Cheryl sent me this photo of her really great looking kitchen with my potholders hanging on the door with her apron.

It’s always a thrill to see where my potholders, quilts and fabric paintings end up.  I like thinking of them living their lives in their new homes.  Hopefully bringing a bit of beauty to the people who own them.

7 thoughts on “Potholders and Wool Find Their Home

  1. Wow! what a beautiful antique kitchen! complete with an older wall phone. Your pot holders look so perfect hanging with the apron.

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