My Painting On The Dining Room Wall, Reborn

Coat hook

It was a few years ago when Jon and I took the wallpaper off the dining room walls and painted them yellow, I left one wall unpainted.  I saw the original peeling paint and broken and patched plaster, as something beautiful.  But it also spoke to and inspired me.  So I pulled shapes and images from it, painting and drawing on it.

Before we took the wallpaper off that wall it had a coat rack on it, which was very convenient since it’s next to the door we use to come into the house.  But once I painted it, there was no place for us to put our coats. So they ended up on the backs of the dining room chair.

In the past few months, I’ve been thinking of how to put a couple of hooks on the wall so they don’t cover up my painting, but become a part of it.

The plaster is old and crumbling and there’s only one stud in the wall. My options were limited, so I worked with what was there.

Once again, I went shopping in my basement and found an old piece of green shelving and a few old screw hooks.  The one stud in the wall was just to the right of the tree, which I didn’t want to cover over, so it worked out well   I cut the wood to span from the stud to the molding, screwed it in with screws I found in the plastic draws in the basement, then screwed the hooks into it.

I feel like the painting I did on the wall has been reborn, come to life.

Like much of my art, it is functional, changing with the seasons.  Less of the painting revealed in the cold months when the heavy coats take up a lot of space.  And in the warmer months, a few hats will cover only a small part of it.

My painting is a  work in progress, constantly evolving, like our home, our art, and our lives.

6 thoughts on “My Painting On The Dining Room Wall, Reborn

  1. I love everything about this. The past is an organic part of old homes and their history, you’ve found a lovely way to honor what was, and to create anew.

    1. I do like the idea of being able to appreciate the past when it comes to old homes without having to be so loyal to it that the personality of the people who live in it in the present is lost, Tara.

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