Something To Chew On

I dug out a path and some of the branches from the apple tree that I pruned this summer so the sheep and donkeys could get to them.

Asher and Issachar were the first to explore it then they went off plowing through the snow and finding a few tall dead weeds to eat.   The rest of the sheep came next, a few at a time sniffing and chewing on the branches.

Since they can’t graze, I’m hoping it gives them something to do besides chew on the barn.

4 thoughts on “Something To Chew On

    1. The sheep that Liz gave me have tags because she registers them with the state. I never registered my lambs so they don’t have tags. It’s a way of keeping track of them. I only have 12 sheep so that’s easy to do, but many farmers have much more.

  1. So beautiful especially the contrast of the twins> tho I can’t imagine living in it They are chest deep!!! yet it doesn’t seem to faze them a bit this morning

    1. They are so curious and brazen Diana. More so than the other sheep, except for Scotty. He’s always trying to get out of the gate, and sometimes succeeds. The problem is he really doesn’t want to be outside the gate away from the other sheep. Maybe he’ll figure it out one day.

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