Most of the sidewalks were still deep in snow, so there were few places to walk as I waiting outside the hospital today while Jon had his surgery.

He’s home now napping, and all went well.  He’s sure to write about it on his blog later this evening.

I kept busy while I waited by walking, drawing, reading and checking my email.

At one point I drove around looking for a Stewarts Gas Station to use the bathroom.  That’s when I found the footprints. So many different shapes and textures in the melting snow.

What a shame that the bottom of our shoes are on the bottom of our shoes.  We leave the behind like a thread caught on a branch in the woods.  Millions of footprints saying “I was here”.

2 thoughts on “Footsteps

  1. I am intrigued by those cherry-red boot toes in your video! Nice contrast with the black footprints on white snow.

    Glad that all went well today.

    1. Ah Sue, Jon got me those. Not only do they look great, but they’re waterproof, warm and comfortable. I liked the contrast too. Often when I make this kind of video I don’t want my own feet in it. But this time the color really worked but also that I was adding my footprints to the mix.

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