Bud, Back In The Car

It’s been a while since Bud took a ride in the car.  Since he got his new car almost six months ago, Jon’s been reluctant to have the dogs in it. But today Bud jumped right in when Jon opened the door as if he’s been doing it all along.

Eventually, Bud jumped into the front seat and sat, as Gus always did and it seems many Boston Terriers do, on the console between the seats.

I get the feeling he likes to keep an eye on things, like watching where we’re going is a part of his work.  He does seem very serious about it.


5 thoughts on “Bud, Back In The Car

  1. A month ago I too bought a Rav4 and like Jon didn’t want to put my dogs in it either! But, after buying a new waterproof, quilted, hammock style seat cover they are riding along as usual. They love just riding around even when we don’t walk. I also love this car – after driving pickups for 25 years it’s really a treat to have a small, snappy cross-over with all those bells and whistles.

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