Piles Of Wool

The pile of wool sat on my work table taunting me.  All I could see were kilts and Lumberjacks.  I knew if I was going to do something with it I’d have to broaden my mind, release the stereotypical images that were stuck there.

So I sorted, making piles by shape and size.  Some of the colors and patterns were too familiar.

When I picked up the gray wool, I was back in Junior high walking down the hallway feeling strange and uncomfortable.  I only wore that gray wool skirt to school once.

The brown plaid brought a rush of feeling.  It was the mid 80’s and I was just married.  The shirt belonged to my new husband, but it was flannel not wool.  I can still smell it. The red and blue plaid was the pattern I chose to make him a shirt for his birthday.

The piles of wool sat on my table all morning and afternoon while I worked on my Corona Kimono.  Then as I talked to a friend on the phone, I started to move them around. With my mind in our conversation, it was freed from the past and able to make something new.

My plan is to keep making these “squares” then piece them together.  Now I’m looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Piles Of Wool

  1. Hey, Maria, if it gets a little boring, mixing in some florals always works, or paisleys or leaf patterns! 🙂 You know me and florals! Love, love, love them!

    1. Fran, I don’t want to mix the wool with other fabrics. I’m not sure how that would work once it goes into the washer and dryer. I do like the idea of using the wool I have from Carolyn to make this quilt. It’s a challenge. I think the solid colors will help keep it balanced and interesting.

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