Shirts And Skirts, Wool Quilt…

I look at these rectangles of wool that I pieced together and wonder how I’ll fit them all into one quilt.  But then, that’s part of the fun.  I have some long pieces of navy and off white wool that I may use between them, so they each hold their own separate identity.

I’ve never been drawn to do that in the traditional way, the even squares each in their own block.  But then these pieces are all different sizes and anyway,  I’m trying not to think that far ahead.

2 thoughts on “Shirts And Skirts, Wool Quilt…

  1. You’re getting somewhere, Maria. There is something about that thin strip of pale and periwinkle blues in the top middle rectangle that lifts the collection of fabric up beyond its original “winter wear” purpose. Wonder where this will all lead. I’ll be watching.

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