A Rippling Ocean Of Moss

“oh oh oh, a mushroom way out of season, magical, it got up to 62 in southern VT, the morning of the great snow melt-off it was warmer here than in the Fort Lauderdale FL area. The Fungi Kingdom rules!”

That’s a comment Sharon left on my blog when I posted a picture of a mushroom that was growing in our woods out of season.  She’s referring to the movie, Fantastic Fungi, which is now streaming on Amazon and worth seeing if you have any interest in mushrooms.

I thought about what Sharon said about the warm temperatures when I was walking in my neighbor’s woods this afternoon and saw the brilliant green moss growing on the rocks and trees. It was so bright and lush, in contrast to the grays and browns surrounding it.

I almost felt like I could see it growing.  The fine hairs of moss, though still, looked like a rippling ocean.

And then there was the small pile of branches, the scale of a  pinecone, and the broken shell of an acorn.   It probably fell from a  nest,  but I like to imagine a squirrel noticing the moss as I did and taking advantage of a soft place to have a meal.  What a luxury, especially after the snowstorm that would have buried the moss under two feet of snow.

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