Shirts And Skirts, Wool Quilt

Now I can’t stop.  I wake up thinking about the piles of wool in my studio.  I don’t have ideas before seeing them all. But I know once I get to my studio I’ll be able to make something work.

These are the two I made today.

This one was inspired by a postcard of an O’Keeffe painting I have hanging in my studio.  It’s one of her minimal paintings of the doorway in her home in Abiquiu, NM.  A blue rectangle surrounded by brown adobe.

These are all the pieces so far.

7 thoughts on “Shirts And Skirts, Wool Quilt

  1. Good morning, Maria, and Happy New Year! I still absolutely adore the quilt I bought from you several months ago (Waves), and my husband has envied it ever since. He says it keeps you warm without stifling you and paradoxically is able to still be comfortable with the AC on (and it’s long enough to cover him, too).

    So as I watch the progress you’re making with these wool swatches, I’m struck by how perfect I think the finished quilt would be for him. Have you pre-sold this one yet, and if not are you planning to?

    1. Oh That’s so nice to hear that the quilt is so loved Jenn. Thank you! And I haven’t sold the quilt but you can have first choice. I’ll send you a photo when it’s done and if it works for you, it’s yours. Thanks for asking.

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