Summer and Fall Wool….


This is the wool we brought home today.  Lilac, natural white, coral, teal, and dusty rose.  Also black roving from Asher and Issachar.

We got my wool this morning but I still haven’t put it up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I have some preorders to organize and I’m waiting to hear back from some of those people.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the wool in my shop and making labels for it and hopefully filling orders.

I don’t have any black yarn from Asher and Issachar.  Their wool was too short for the mill to spin into yarn. So I have a lot of their roving.   The blue is more of a teal this time.  And I’m happy with how the pink dyed on the gray wool.  It’s a Dusty Rose.

The lilac, white and coral make me think of spring.  They’re a mix of wool from Rosemary, Liam and Kim.  The teal and dusty rose come from Griselle, Socks and Pumpkin.

I don’t have as much wool as I usually do.  The sheep were shorn later in the spring because of delays due to the pandemic, so the wool on some of the sheep didn’t get to grow back in the shorter time between the spring and fall shearing.

The spring shearing will be very different.  I have a feeling the lambs wouldn’t have enough wool till the fall and from now on I’ll only be shearing Asher and Issachar once a year, that will be in the fall also.

But Suzy and Biddy will have an abundance of wool by the spring and I expect Lori, my new ewe,  will too.

All the skeins of wool are 200 yards of 3ply worsted.  They’re $27 each + shipping.  I’ll be selling the roving in 8oz bags but still have to work up a price for them.


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