One Skein More

My last skein of Wool for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I spent the day, selling and packing up my wool.  I still have Issachar’s black roving for sale and thought all the wool skeins were sold.  But when I had all the envelopes full, there was still one skein of natural white wool left.

I went over my orders twice to make sure it didn’t belong to someone, then concluded my mistake was in counting.

This last skein of wool is from Rosemary, Liam, and Kim.  It’s a mix of Romney, Border Leicester, Cheviot and Karakul.  And like all the others, it’s 200 yards of 3 ply worsted and is $27 + $5 shipping.

You can buy it here or email me at [email protected].

The box of wool ready for the mail.  Each package has a sticker of Rosemary on it.


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