My Bamboo Shrimp Takes a Ride

I think having is fish tank is like fireworks.  Even though there are so many ways for people to be entertained many of us are still enthralled when loud and colorful fireworks explode in the sky.  And enough of us still get pleasure from creating, caring for, and observing all kinds of animals that live under the water in our own homes.

I’m always expecting the unexpected when I sit down to watch the snails, fish and shrimp in our fish tank.  And sometimes I just happen to be walking by it at the right moment to catch a glimpse of something unusual.

Yesterday that’s just what happened.

And I got to watch my Bamboo Shrimp take a ride on the roots of the water lettuce as it was caught in the current created by the filter.

It was too much fun not to share.

4 thoughts on “My Bamboo Shrimp Takes a Ride

  1. I love this. It felt like he was on a ride at an amusement park. Who knew a shrimp could be so entertaining, You have of course!
    This really made me smile today, thank you Maria. Life is so fascinating, isn’t it:)

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