As I sewed my wool quilt together I listened to live coverage of the takeover of the Capital.

I watched some live video then called the office of my Representative Elise Stefanik.   She was  one of the members of congress who supported Trump’s effort to overturn the election.   After being hung up on once, I called back, my voice shaking in anger, I told the man who answered the phone that I hoped Stefanik was no longer supporting he president.

He said she would be releasing a statement soon.

I thought my voicing my opinion would have little affect.  Unless of course, it was joined my many other voices stating the same opinion.  I’m a hopeless optimist.

15 thoughts on “Voice

  1. Wow, Maria. I’ve been glued to Fox News – commercial-free – since 2:30 this afternoon, and I rarely watch any politics of any sort on TV. I’m stunned and still can’t believe my eyes and ears! Today’s mob mentality and utter chaos at the Capitol clearly has been organized and vetted by Trump for many, many months. I truly believe he incited this insurrection and should certainly be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law! I fervently wish this to be the case. I’m with you!

  2. Today as I listened to what was happening in DC I felt horrified, angry, and unusually insignificant, if we all make our voices heard we will no longer be alone and small, we will roar with the strength of the lioness and change for the good will transpire for all of us.

    Your wool quilt is beautiful and filled with warmth!

    Blessings to you Maria, you inspire me to be my best.

    1. I always think of Dr Seuss’s book “Horton Hears a Who” Josie. But we can see that it works with our votes. And the system does seem to be holding up.

  3. I recently read that us constituents need to call our elected officials more because I understand most of them receive only 12% of calls for complaints, vents, opinions, ,demands, to say no to whatever, so keep calling. I started calling and believe it or not I got a few responses so far.

    Lamar from Texas

    1. I’m a little surprised to hear that Lamar. I’ve been more active in this way since Trump became president, but just because my person in office doesn’t mean they shouldn’t hear from me too.

  4. Maria-I’m afraid Stefanik will continue to support tRump until the bitter end. She’s trying to get a leadership position in the party. The people in your district voted her in again in Nov.

    1. Yes, many of the people where I live love her, I’m definitely in the minority. And now she’s in the spotlight, I’m sure she doesn’t want to give that up.

  5. This quilt is my favorite you’ve ever made. It seems just right for this moment in our history. It looks like a warm hug. I am a sucker for wintertime plaids. I saw in other comments where someone asked for it. If that falls through it has a home in Dorset

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