Issachar’s Roving For Sale

Asher with his mouth full

I learned this fall that Asher and Issachar’s wool doesn’t grow as fast as the rest of my sheep’s wool.

When I had them shorn this fall their wool wasn’t long enough to make into yarn. I’m not sure if it’s because the time between the spring and fall shearing was only four months instead of six like usual, or if they just need a full year to grow their wool.

I do know I won’t be shearing them in this spring.  But in the fall their wool will be long enough to make into black yarn.

However,  since they were shorn in October I have two bags of black roving.

I’m selling Issachar’s roving, which is a little darker than Asher’s in 8oz bags.   Roving is used for hand-spinning, felting and weaving.  The twins wool is a mix of Romney, Cormo and Blueface Leicester.  It’s soft and springy.  Suzy, who used some in her Seahorse Shawl , said she loved working with it.

Each 8oz bag of roving is $28 + $5 shipping.  You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  Or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and PayPal.

I’ve decided to use Asher’s roving to make dryer balls. I’ve never made them before, so I’m going to experiment with them over the weekend.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Issachar’s Roving.  8oz for $28 + $5 shipping.  You can buy it here.


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