The Orphaned Woods

Since deciding to have a feature on my blog called The Orphaned Woods about my walks in the woods behind the farm, I’ve been thinking of an image to go with it.

Last week I started a quick drawing of what the words might look like if I stitched them on my sewing machine.  But I never finished it, I just lost interest.

Today, as I was tacking my Shirts and Skirts quilt, I go the urge to try it directly on fabric.  So I found a piece of green fabric, chose yellow thread, and started sewing.

I thought I might have to cut out the words and move them around or straighten them, but it just flowed. I tried to keep it loose and unselfconscious, not fretting or overthinking each letter.   And when I was done I was happy with how looked so far.

My plan is to keep working on it until it feels finished.  I’m not sure where it will go from here.  But I’ll use it as is, and as it evolves,  to write about my walks in our Orphaned Woods.

And now that Jon and I are self-isolating, I’m sure to have even more of them.

18 thoughts on “The Orphaned Woods

  1. Perfect! I love the way you made the letters look like trees and branches and the acorns are just the right creative touch. If this were a book cover I’d want to open it up and start reading.

  2. I agree with Barbara, it makes a beautiful intriguing book cover! Who knows, maybe one day your entries into The Orphaned Woods will compose a book of short stories! Yet another creative adventure to explore 🙂

    1. It’s funny Joise, I was thinking of putting it all in a journal. But when I imagined doing that it didn’t appeal to me. Then I realized that my blog is my journal of course. Maybe a book someday….

  3. somehow represent the mushroom filaments below the ground, the mycorrhiza, that are so essential to tree well-being.
    the acorn caps are outstanding!

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