A Winter Snack for the Sheep and Donkeys

The animals are content if they can graze even it there isn’t much to eat.


8 thoughts on “A Winter Snack for the Sheep and Donkeys

    1. Between the hard layer of snow and the dry vegetation, it was very crunchy Janet. I do love to just sit with the animals whether they are grazing or just hanging around the barnyard. It’s such a peaceful thing to do and I do feel like they accept me as part of them in those moments.

  1. I absolutely enjoyed this so much. On PBS tonight is the first episode of All Creatures Great and Small base on the James Herriot books. So I feel like your video was a preview to that in a way.

  2. Having read most of Fred Provenza’s book, Nourishment, there may still be something in what they are eating that they need. If not, they might not eat it.

  3. Oh my Lord, Fate zooming by in the beginning, and then hopping up to you! She is such a character! Love this video of your peaceful kingdom.

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