“Shirts and Skirts” On Its Way Home

I got so caught up in making my “Orphaned Woods” words yesterday, that I forgot to take a photo of my wool quilt, Shirts and Skirts.

I’ve never worked with wool in this way before, but I like sewing it and the challenge of making all those plaids fit together without being too much.

I still have lots of wool left and  I’m thinking of making some wool potholders.  Wool is a great insulator, and even more fire resistant than cotton. I’ve even used it as batting in my potholders and it works as good as the insulated batting I buy.

Jenn bought Shirts and Skirts for her husband.  She bought another of my other quilts and her husband liked it so much she thought she’d get him one of his own.

Shirts and Skirts” bigger than most of my quilts by 5 or 10 inches all around.  I put it on the guest bed to run a lint roller over it and it looked so different to me.  The colors popped and receded even more.

Tomorrow I’ll send it to its new home.

I made the backing from 6 king-size Chamois pillowcases.

8 thoughts on ““Shirts and Skirts” On Its Way Home

  1. Maria, This is one of my favorite quilts that you have created. Of course, I’m a fan of vibrant colors.
    I can only wish that I could ever create such a beautiful product. 🙂 You are truly talented. Thank you for sharing the process with us!

  2. I too love all your quilts but this one is special…. such a confident quilt. She would fit in anywhere! Your blog and podcasts are an inspiration and because of you I have been dabbing in potholders and now a quilt top. Thank you for all you share of your Amazing life, Maria.

  3. It looks wonderful, and I imagine it will be really cozy and warm, hope you have enough leftover fabric to make another one, or a batch of ‘skirts and shirts’ potholders, which I think you previously mentioned as an idea….

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