Inauguration Snow

Snowflakes drifted silently around me.  I always thought of paradox as being unsettling.  Yet I find the paradox of falling snow peaceful.

The paradox that such small, featherweight fluffs can add up to so much once it hits the ground.  And how the sounds close to me are absorbed in the silence, while distant sounds seem closer.

Surrounded by falling snow, I felt a sense of peace that seems to extend beyond me.  This Inauguration day is like a sigh of relief to me and so many people I know.

And then the paradox.  I also know that many people are feeling the same way I did four years ago today.

I don’t expect to find peace in this paradox.

Although, for me, the silence from the White House since January 6th, has settled on me like falling snow, beginning to make the world new again.

4 thoughts on “Inauguration Snow

  1. It doesn’t snow where we are now. But I remember the peace that rare snowfalls brought. Even though it was cold, it was a pleasure to be outdoors.

    I think the cessation of activity contributed to the peacefulness. It was so quiet. Only during those times, I could hear a faint sound that came from nowhere in particular. It was like a continuous ringing. I don’t know what it was.

    1. I know that feeling of activity stopping in a big snow Donald. It takes me back to a snow storm that stopped cars when I was growing up in the suburbs. I remember walking down the middle of the street and the lack of constant activity. The sound you heard is interesting. I often hear a hum in quiet.

  2. Beautiful and sensitive observations Maria. You took me right back to snowy days growing up in Maryland. The paradox of sound as you describe is a key part of those memories. Falling snow brings the sky close and turns the outdoors, near and far, into a large room in which, as you brought back to mind so well, some sounds disappear and others are more pronounced. Ah, I kinda miss it.

    We are having a rainy, overcast morning here on O’ahu. I too am calm with a sense of new beginnings after waking up at 6:30 Hawaii time to watch the inauguration. It is truly hard to believe that some people would feel about this new president and vice president the same horror I felt four years ago at what the American voters had done. You are right, though, that is likely the case. At least there ought to be more opportunity for dialogue. Thanks for adding to my sense of being able to take a deep breath with your words.

    1. You are so right about snow bringing the sky closer, what a beautiful awareness Donna. I’m so glad I could bring the snow to you in this way. And I’m imagining a warm rainy day.

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